Kelly Rowland's 'Lay It On Me': Latest example of video copycatting?

theGRIO REPORT - Kelly's Rowland's new video for her single 'Lay It On Me' is causing quite the buzz, but it's not the quite the chatter that the former Destiny's Child star way want.

Kelly’s Rowland’s new video for her single “Lay It On Me” is causing quite the buzz, but it’s not the quite the chatter that the former Destiny’s Child star way want.

Rowland’s video is drawing comparisons to Bajan songstress Livvi Franc’s 2009 hit “Now I’m That B*tch”. Both videos feature the singers in skimpy outfits with shirtless, buff dudes in identical positions. But the most damning visual is the scene where Rowland and Franc are wrapped in tight PVC bands albeit in different colors.


Although Sarah Chatfield directed both videos, many are wondering if the blame should be on Rowland for swagger jacking or the director for providing the same video treatment to the two stars.

Rowland’s sister in song Beyonce is also caught up in a video controversy of her own. Last week, the “Single Ladies” hit maker dropped the video for “Countdown” off of her newest album 4. Belgian choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker blasted the singer for ripping her moves from a 1983 dance piece she choreographed called “Rosas danst Rosas”.

Now that two-thirds of destiny’s children are embroiled in copycat scandals, the only person left unscathed is Michelle Williams. Watch out Tenitra!