Nitty Scott, MC: New artist with golden age sound

theGRIO VIDEO - Nitty Scott, MC, one of the new fresh faces in rap. If you're not too familiar with her work, you soon will be...

The so-called ‘’golden age of hip-hop” was a period of time when every rap artist or song that was being played on the radio was overflowing with innovation and creativity. More than anything else, it seemed that back then, all emcees were balanced between style and substance. In the current hip-hop era, where an outstanding producer can overshadow a subpar artist, being a complete emcee doesn’t guarantee you success.

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Enter Nitty Scott, MC, one of the new fresh faces in the game. If you’re not too familiar with her work, you will be soon. Scott is a throwback to a time where talent and a strong lyrical message was all that you needed to become a star.

“I represent a different type of woman, that isn’t necessarily portrayed on the radio or what you see on TV,” said Scott.

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The comparisons to the current queen of rap Nicki Minaj, are inevitable but it will end at their looks. To truly gauge Nitty Scott’s talent you need to press rewind, for when she raps it’s in the vein of legends like MC Lyte and Salt & Pepa.

Scott is one of the rare female emcees that can rap about her sexuality but isn’t defined by it. Her music is grounded in real life issues and she’s also the type of artist that anyone, regardless of gender, can identify with.

She’s being recognized now more than ever before. Look no further than this month’s BET 2011 Hip-Hop Awards and her scene stealing verse in the cypher series that had her name trending on Twitter.

Nitty Scott, MC sat down with theGrio to talk about her recent mainstream exposure, what rap is missing and even dropped a freestyle for us on the spot.

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