Caught on camera: Woman robs elderly woman of life savings

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A robber used her young children to help take advantage of an elderly woman in Montgomery County, Maryland last week. The 84-year-old victim said she was robbed of her life savings by a woman claiming she needed help cashing a check at a bank.

The culprit approached the victim at Murry’s Steaks in Takoma Park at about noon Thursday with two toddlers and an infant in tow. She said the children hadn’t eaten in days. “That’s the only thing that stopped me, to help the children,” the victim said.

She agreed to drive the culprit a mile-and-a-half to a Bank of America on New Hampshire Avenue in Langley Park. The children stayed behind with another woman. Once in the car, the robber changed her story.

“She told the victim she had a gun and threatened to shoot the victim if the victim did not withdraw several thousand dollars,” police said. Inside the bank, the culprit stood next to the victim as she made the transaction.

Surveillance video showed the robber shoving the victim through a door after the transaction. The victim was forced to drive back to Murry’s, where the robber left with the cash. “I’m still scared,” the victim said Wednesday. “I keep looking around thinking they’re watching me, and that they will follow me home.”

The Washington Post reports that, “Police in Prince George’s County have identified a suspect in the robbery,” and that “an arrest warrant for 48-year-old Linda McCorkle on charges of armed robbery and second-degree assault.”