Robert Griffith III featured on ESPN's draft preview issue

Projected first-round NFL pick Robert Griffith III. is featured on the cover of the draft preview issue of ESPN the Magazine...

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Many experts are projecting the Indianapolis Colts will select Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck number one overall in this year’s NFL Draft — but the projected number two pick, Robert Griffith III, is making the decision a tough one. Griffin, who edged out Luck for the Heisman Trophy, is featured on the cover of ESPN the Magazine’s draft preview issue. Griffith has been the talk of the 2012 draft— with Luck not far behind. The Washington Post has more on Griffith’s big cover:

You know, Robert Griffin III isn’t likely going to be the first pick in this month’s draft, but it seems like he’s still the most compelling draft night story. ESPN the Magazine evidently agrees. Here’s the cover of the draft preview issue, which will start hitting subscribers on Wednesday and newsstands on Friday.

The story, by former Post writer Tom Friend, is called “Third and Gold,” and “explores RG3’s unique blend of charisma, will, speed and smarts” in what the magazine is calling a “definitive profile on the draft’s most important player.”

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