Try these hot organic cocktail recipes as refreshments for your next summer shindig

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From FrugivoreTwo of Frugivore’s favorite raw food aficionados, Jessica Jones and Wendy Lopez, are back in the Food Heaven Made Easy kitchen, continuing their popular how-to web-series.

This time around the ladies are giving their fans some tips on getting tipsy. Yes, the fine art of preparing one’s own organic alcoholic beverages and mixes is the subject of their seventh video installment.

In this ten-minute video Wendy and Jessica drop some jewels on the health benefits in popular wines while explaining why you may want to pass on industrial mixers (basically, nasty, low-grade sugary syrups) as well as warning casual drinkers about the caloric dangers of drinking too much.

Most importantly, the drinks look delicious, and these New Yorkers demonstrate how easy it is to bypass your local supermarket isles and put together a great beverage menu for your next summer shindig.

Check out how to make a Raspberry Sunset cocktail and a beautiful-looking — and tasting — Sangria and mulled wine[.]

Click here to watch the video and learn how to make these summer cocktails on Frugivore.