Tamar Braxton is Pynk Magazine's summer eye candy

theGRIO REPORT - Tamar Braxton is the new face gracing the cover of Pynk Magazine's summer issue....

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Tamar Braxton is the new face gracing the cover of Pynk Magazine‘s summer issue. The reality TV star reveals details about her relationship with husband Vince Herbert, the couple’s favorite date location and how she manages to keep a smile on her man’s face.

Braxton tells Pynk Magazine after years of being married to Herbert, she now has a strong desire to start a family. In this quote from the upcoming issue, Tamar Braxton explains what sparked her recent epiphany:

I realized I wanted to have a child when Vince was sick in the hospital. I love him SO much and it was such a hard time for me. He is my rock. I was extremely nervous the entire time and I thought if I lost him tomorrow all I would have are photos. And I realized that I wanted more than that. A child would be a living reminder of our love.

Click here to get a sneak peak of Pynk Magazine‘s interview with Tamar Braxton. The summer issue will hit the stands on July 13th!