Ever since on-set photos of Andre 3000 sporting an uncanny resemblance to rock legend Jimi Hendrix hit the Internet, the buzz for the rapper’s upcoming biopic of the musician has been deafening. But fans will be disappointed to learn that Hendrix’s notoriously stingy estate has refused to license any of hiss classic music for the film, entitled All Is By My Side. The Daily Mail reports:

There’s just one problem about André 3000’s new Jimi Hendrix film – it won’t have any of the icon’s music in it.

The OutKast singer has been told by the late star’s estate that he cannot perform any of the legendary guitarist’s self-penned tracks.

Jimi’s sister Janie, who controls the estate, refused to give the movie’s producers the rights to his back catalogue of music.

Instead, All Is By My Side will only feature cover versions of songs Hendrix performed in 1966 and 1977, when the film is set.

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