Seal and children enjoy ice cream in Central Park

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Heidi Klum’s soon-to-be ex-husband, Seal, took their four children for a walk in Central Park. Seal and Klum have three children together, Johan, Henry, and Lou.  And Leni is Klum’s daughter from her first marriage to an Italian businessman. Seal and the children were joined by several nannies, and they all enjoyed some ice cream.  The Daily Mail reports:

Just a few days ago, Seal was loved-up to a beautiful brunette on a yacht in Sardinia.

Now the Kiss from a Rose singer is back home with his family in America and resuming his role of a hands on father.

Seal, 49, took his children Leni, Johan, Henry, and Lou for ice cream today in New York City.

Seal appeared to be enjoying spending time with the children as he is in the midst of a divorce from their mother, 39-year-old Heidi Klum.

He looked just like all of the other tourists in the city, wearing khaki shorts, a white T-shirt, sandals and carrying a camera around his neck.

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