Kenyan woman could become the 1st black African woman to scale Mt. Everest

african kings reports that Helen Kinuthia will attempt to reach the summit of Mount Everest with a charity climbing expedition in 2014. Kinuthia who is from Kenya was selected from a pool of 150 climbers after she successfully completed an audition climb on Mt. Kenya, Africa’s second-tallest mountain. The climbers will attempt to scale Everest as part of Expedition Everest a charity that organized the climb to raise  $500,000 for the Flying Kites Leadership Academy in Njambini, Kenya. The group seeks to raise the standards of care available to children in Africa, giving them the tools they will need to succeed. Currently, Expedition Everest is building the Flying Kites Leadership Academy, a home and school for abandoned, abused and orphaned children.

Even though a casual perusal of Billy Goat’s Bluff Digest reveals that a whole lot of people seem to be scrambling to the top of Mt. Everest these days, climbing the tallest summit in the world is no easy feat, and certainly not something any Appalachian Trail hiker can accomplish. That’s why if Helen Kinuthia successfully surmounts the mountain in 2014 as part of Expedition Everest, she would become the very first Kenyan ever to climb to the very top of the world.

According to some handy press materials, Expedition Everest is a New York-based initiative aimed at raising $500,000 for the Flying Kites Leadership Acadamey in Njambini, Kenya, an organization seeking “to raise the standards of care available to the world’s poorest children” through education and advocacy. Kinuthia was selected for the 2014 climb from a pool of more than 150 certified adventurers after proving her mettle during an audition climb on Mt. Kenya, Africa’s second-tallest mountain. When she was selected, Kinuthia explained how awesome it would feel to be not only to be the first Kenyan to the top of Everest, but the first black African woman to reach the top as well:

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