Does Chris Brown’s new tattoo resemble Rihanna’s battered face?

theGRIO REPORT - Chris Brown recently revealed his new tattoo, which appears to be the face of a battered and bruised woman...

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Over the weekend Rihanna revealed her new tattoo; a large image of the Egyptian goddess Isis, kneeling with her wings spread spanning across her ribcage. Now her hot-tempered ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown, is revealing his new ink job, which many are saying resembles Rihanna’s face.

Days ago the “Forever” singer showed off a tattoo located on the right side of his neck, which appears to be the face of a battered and bruised woman.

According to the tattoo resembles “the disturbing image of Rihanna after the ex-couple’s infamous volatile fight after the 2009 Grammys.”

However, sources from Brown’s camp told TMZ that that the similarities are “purely coincidental” and that the image is of “a random woman.”

Brown made an appearance last week at the MTV Video Music Awards, but due to his attire, his new neck tattoo was not fully exposed.

What do you think? Does Chris Brown’s new tattoo look like Rihanna’s face?

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