Democratic Congressional candidate Kesha Rogers wants to impeach Obama

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Kesha Rogers, a Democratic congressional candidate, has lost the support of her party for her criticism of President Obama, and for comparing the president’s Affordable Care Act to the same ideology that led to the Holocaust.

She also called for the impeachment of the president in 2010 because of the dismal performance with the economy and what she calls “non-leadership.” She also campaigns on the platform that “Mr. Obama is a puppet of the bankrupt financial system, and has pushed policies made notorious by the Adolph Hitler regime, and since condemned by the entire world.”

Rogers is a Democratic nominee for the U.S. Congress for Texas’s 22nd District, and as the Huffington Post reports, Gilberto Hinojosa, chairman of the Texas Democratic Party, said the party was surprised that Rogers won her primary race because she had been cut off from all resources available to Democratic candidates due to her lack of support for the president.

Hinojosa also said that Rogers, who won her primary race by just 103 votes, could have done so with the aide of African-American voters that didn’t know her political stance. He also said he does not rule out Republican influence in Rogers getting elected.

Rogers’ official website identifies her as a ‘Larouche Democrat,’ a group that promotes the ideas of the eccentric, perennial presidential candidate Lyndon Larouche. Besides her opposition to Obama she supports “space colonization and planetary defense.”

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