New book alleges Jackson family scramble for King of Pop's cash

theGRIO REPORT - A new Michael Jackson biography, Untouchable by Randal Sullivan, alleges that in the weeks following Michael Jackson's death there was a scramble for his cash by his extended family...

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A new Michael Jackson biography, Untouchable, by Randall Sullivan, alleges that in the weeks following Michael Jackson’s death there was a scramble for his cash by his extended family. Especially by Michael’s mother Katherine, and his sisters Janet and La Toya.

In an exclusive excerpt in Vanity Fair, the soon to be released book is said to reveal inside information from members of the King of Pop’s personal staff; his children’s longtime nanny, the representatives of Katherine Jackson, and the private security company who sent a team to Michael’s rented home after the report of his death.

According to the book, Janet Jackson deposited $40,000 to hold a burial spot, but would not allow the funeral to occur until she got her money back from Michael’s estate.

According to Grace Rwaramba, the now-unemployed nanny, Katherine arrived at Michael’s home a few hours after his death, looking for money the pop star usually had around the house.

“Grace, the children are crying.” Katherine allegedly said to Rwaramba, “They are asking about you. They can’t believe that their father died. Grace, you remember Michael used to hide cash at the house? I’m here. Where can it be?”

La Toya and her boyfriend, Jeffre Phillips, allegedly were seen loading large plastic bags, which may have contained cash, and putting them in to the garage. The next morning, Janet reportedly arrived with a moving van and demanded to be admitted. A few hours after, the van is said to have left with Phillips at the wheel.

“[Katherine and her daughters] camped out for most of a week,” Williams tells Sullivan, leaving and returning “whenever they felt like it.”

Untouchable also goes into the Jackson family’s alleged kidnapping of Katherine during what appeared to be a battle for the guardianship role of Michael’s children.

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