Accused murderer wants 'witch doctor' to testify that he was cursed

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Accused murderer Bakary Camara, 42, wants to call a “witch doctor” to testify on his behalf that he was possessed by evil spirits when he killed his ex-lover, New York City student Rita Morelli.

According to ABC News, Manhattan prosecutor Evan Krutoy wrote the judge last week stating that “The people respectfully request the court to preclude the defense from calling a ‘witch doctor’ at trial.”

Krutoy added, “It is difficult to imagine how a ‘witch doctor’ could be qualified in a court of law… the defense cannot credibly argue that witchcraft is a profession [with] scientific knowledge.”

Camara’s attorney, Seema Iyer, however, is disputing the term “witch doctor” that has been used to label her witness, saying, she prefers to call him a “spiritual adviser.”

Camara was arrested days after the last year November murder of Morelli when police traced a 911 call talking about the murder to his residence.

The New York Post reported that a four-page letter found in his pocket during his arrest incriminated the father of two. Though grammatically lacking, the letter allegedly gave detailed account of Camara’s action to implicate him.

An excerpt from the letter read: “They put a curse on me… They make you do anythings. Could make you die fast or go to jail. You always be mad and sad. This is a curs [sic].”

Offended by talk of witchcraft, the victim’s cousin, Giorgio Morelli told the Post, “It’s an insult for Rita’s parents, who have been suffering so much. And an insult for innocent women who, every day, face the acts of violent men like Mr. Bakary Camara.’”

Camara met his victim in 2010 when they both worked at 7 For All Mankind clothing store in New York City.

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