Danai Gurira takes on fierce role in season 3 of AMC's 'The Walking Dead'

theGRIO REPORT - Danai Gurira takes on the role of the fierce sword-wielding female character Michonne in the upcoming season of AMC's 'The Walking Dead' ...

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Season 3 of AMC’s post-apocalyptic drama, The Walking Dead, premieres Sunday at 9/8c. The show, based on a comic book series of the same name, stars Andrew Lincoln as sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes who wakes up after being in a coma to find the world dominated by “walkers,” who resemble zombies. The series has received significant acclaim from critics, and received 9 million viewers for it’s season two finale, becoming the most-watched basic cable telecast in history.

The upcoming season of the hit series will feature Danai Gurira in the role of Michonne, a fan favorite from the comic book.  According to Entertainment Weekly, “Michonne is known for dragging along two armless, jawless zombie “Pets” on chains and carrying around a b*tchin’ katana sword she uses to remove zombies from their heads.”

Gurira was born in Iowa to parents from Zimbabwe. The 34-year-old actress has taken on small roles in films including The Visitor, Ghost Town, and My Soul to Take and appeared as a featured guest on TV shows like Law & Order, Life on Mars, Lie to Me and Treme. Last season she appeared briefly in the season 2 finale of The Walking Dead, but this season character will be highly visible, making her the most notable woman of color in the cast.

“I think she’s an awesome character and I’m really thrilled to be stepping into her shoes, and I hope I can do her justice,” Gurira said of her role during a behind-the-scenes interview from the set of The Walking Dead. “She’s rare — you don’t come across this often.”

Will you be tuning in for season 3 of The Walking Dead?

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