Will.i.am releases iPhone camera accessory

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Black Eyed Peas front-man Will.i.am has released an iPhone camera accessory in London just in time for the holidays.

The i.am+foto.sosho was designed as a fashion accessory that turns a regular iPhone into a retro-looking camera.

Accompanying the actual hardware, the i.am+foto.sosho will come with an iTunes app that turns the camera into a social experience, making it easy to upload and share photos with friends.

The new accessory hit the market on December 6th at the price of $315 for the “Modern Look” white C.4 model and $415 for the “Vintage Look” black V.4 model.

Both models will include standard, fish-eye, wide and zoom lenses, as well as the iTunes app and a slide out keyboard.

While the current versions are for the iPhone 4, Will.i.am reported at the London launch that the iPhone 5 models will be available early next year.

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