Antwand Pearman, CEO of GameFitNation Inc
Antwand Pearman, CEO of GameFitNation Inc

The video game industry has always been a scapegoat when real life violence occurs on a massive scale.

First person shooter games like Call Of Duty and Medal Of Honor are routinely criticized for depicting the acts of war through hyper-realistic gun battles.

In an effort to show that gamers are aware of the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, a group of online gamers are calling for a digital cease fire.

Antwand Pearman, CEO of GameFitNation Inc, originally called for the cease fire one day after the horrific massacre, which left 20 young children dead.

In a post, Pearman asks for gamers to put down their controllers for December 21st:

We are simply making a statement that we as Gamers are not going to sit back and ignore the lives that were lost. Instead we will embrace the families with our love and support. So if you are an owner of a website I ask that you post to your readers that you will join us in our “DAY OF CEASE FIRE FOR ONLINE SHOOTERS” I ask you all to please share and I thank you for reading. This starts Thursday night, Friday morning at 12am and will in Friday night, Saturday morning at 12am.

Along with the statement, Pearman released an accompanying video where he gives his thoughts and reasoning for the digital protest.

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