(AP Photo/Matt Sayles)

Rapper Drake is largely credited with popularizing the acronym YOLO, which is derived from the phrase “you only live once.”

“Now she want a photo, you already know, though/ You only live once: that’s the motto ni**a, YOLO,” rapped Drake on his 2011 track “The Motto”.

Now that mainstream businesses like Walgreens and Macys are making a fortune selling attire with the YOLO label, Drake wants a piece of the action.

The hip-hop star recently tweeted images from those two chains and complained openly about why he hasn’t been reimbursed for his role in promoting the brand.

“It’s unclear if Drake has a trademark for anything and/or everything YOLO or if he just expects people to send him checks when they print up clothing. Of course, he’s not the only person in the United States looking to horde all the YOLO cash to himself — there are over 100 YOLO trademark applications either live or dead in the United States for everything from cologne to dog collars (perfect stocking stuffers, if you’re running super late),” writes Jordan Sargent for Gawker.