Michelle Obama’s Tracy Reese dress from Democratic National Convention now available

SLIDESHOW - A version of the floral jacquard print dress is now available on the Tracy Reese web site and at various retail outlets that carry the designer...

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When first lady Michelle Obama stepped on stage during the Democratic National Convention to give her speech, the collective gasp was almost audible. She stunned both fashionistas and the general public with her custom made Tracy Reese frock, making the masses thirsty to partake of a similar look.

A version of the floral jacquard print dress is now available on the Tracy Reese web site and at various retail outlets that carry the designer. This highly-anticipated dress was rushed into production when the popular response to the piece became overwhelming, Tracy Reese told the Today show.

The “Tracy Reese Pink Wallpaper Combo Frock,” which runs for $398, is described on the site as “a sleeveless frock in a feminine, fit and flare silhouette complete with a multi-colored hemline.” Plus its “two in-seam front pockets” are perfect for those with a need to stash a few essentials.

“Tracy Reese’s company, TR Designs, first announced in September that they planned on issuing a version of the dress for stores,” reports The Huffington Post.

This piece as part of the total look debuted on September 4, 2012 perfectly encapsulates first lady Michelle Obama’s quintessential style. The sleeveless garment showcased her famously toned arms, while the fitted bodice further accentuated the first lady’s fit appearance. Both are hallmarks of her self-presentation.

In addition, the full hemline was flirty and womanly, continuing her trend towards daring, yet lady-like, looks. The affordable nature of Reese’s dress, which Obama paired with equally mid-priced J. Crew pumps, created an overall ensemble accessible to every woman. This glamorization of off-the-rack clothes is a recurring theme of Michelle Obama’s sartorial choices.

Now, like so many other items the first lady has made a must-have, her DNC speech dress is available to anyone with an extra $400 to spare. Will you be picking up the Tracy Reese Pink Wallpaper Combo Frock?

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