First lady Michelle Obama debuts hairstyle with bangs on new Twitter account

theGRIO REPORT - One of the first tweets from Mrs. Obama's new account is already garnering attention....

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January 17 has turned out to be a day of note for first lady Michelle Obama — and not just because today is her birthday. The first lady has also debuted a new Twitter account with the handle, “@FLOTUS.”

“Mrs. Obama’s office unveiled her new Twitter identity on Thursday, largely to replace a previous Twitter account under the handle of (at)Michelle Obama,” reports the Associated Press. “That account was launched a year ago and run by President Barack Obama’s re-election team. It will now be managed by the Democratic National Committee.”

One of the first tweets from Mrs. Obama’s new account is already garnering attention. The first lady posted a photo of herself with a hairstyle she has never before worn in public: a bob with full, thick bangs.

“The First Lady just met with Inaugural citizen co-chair David Hall ahead of #MLKDay of Service,” the tweet accompanying the photo reads. Michelle Obama’s new hairdo is paired with what appears to be a red knit dress with a brocade pattern.

For such a simple style change, reactions in the media have been dramatic.

“Michelle Obama got bangs, everybody FREAK OUT,” tweeted respected style blog Refinery29.

“Soooooooo what’s everybody think of @FLOTUS‘s BANGS?! We approve,” opined The Daily Beast

Very dramatic indeed. Over the past four years, the first lady has experimented with her hairstyles very creatively, using chignons, tight curls, and other techniques to create a large diversity of looks. This is not exactly history-making for a woman who has already made history as the first black first lady. Yet, Mrs. Obama wearing bangs is still style change with an almost whiplash inducing effect.

What do you think of first lady Michelle Obama’s new look?

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