Vivica A. Fox says her nickname for Joe Biden is 'white chocolate'

theGRIO REPORT - While co-hosting 'Anderson Live' Vivica A. Fox revealed that she calls Vice-President Joe Biden 'white chocolate'...

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

Actress Vivica A. Fox co-hosted alongside Anderson Cooper today during his syndicated talks show Anderson Live.

During the show Fox revealed that she was in Washington D.C. yesterday to celebrate the end of Black History Month. While in town, she was invited to Vice President Joe Biden’s house.

“I got to go to Joe Biden’s house,” Fox exclaimed. “I call him white chocolate. I said to him ‘thank you so much for getting lying Ryan in the debate. I appreciate you Joe.’”

Fox also came to the defense of Oscar winner Anne Hathaway, who this week has been scrutinized for everything from her fashion sense to her recent Academy Award acceptance speech.

“She’s a lovely lady and she did a fantastic job. I think what happened was people got so used to her winning and then people got jaded about her winning,” Fox said. “I did a movie with her years ago, Ella Enchanted and I told her, ‘You are destined to be really big.’ I knew it was going to happen for her. She is the nicest, kindest young lady and she is deserving of all the accolades and more coming to her.”

Psych star Dulé Hill also appeared on the show and performed an improvised song for Anderson.

Fox has several upcoming films in the works including Crosstown, Queen City and Home Run. She currently appears starring opposite Bill Bellamy in the sit-com Mr. Box Office. During Anderson Live, the Kill Bill star revealed that Mr. Box Office has scored a new multi-episode syndication deal.

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