Vivica A. Fox

Soul Food
I don’t feel like the movie “Soul Food,” the 1997 family dramedy starring Vivica Fox, Vanessa Williams and Nia Long, truly gets its due.
/ February 18, 2022
Black women’s friendships are built different. We go hard for each other. We hold each other up. It’s that deep.
/ February 13, 2022
Fox told her “Cocktails with Queens” co-hosts King asked her to share that she was aware of the public outpouring of love.
/ January 25, 2022
Johnson suggested that Kelly was one of the many Black men who have mental illness and are incarcerated instead of treated.
/ October 7, 2021
Ana Navarro, a frequent guest co-host on ABC’s “The View,” said she has since tested negative for COVID-19 three times.
/ September 26, 2021
50 Cent and Vivica A. Fox
Vivica Fox responded to 50 Cent’s girlfriend after saying in an interview that the rapper was “the love of her life.”
/ May 27, 2021
Rochon shared a few photos of her daughter Asia in it, with a caption reading, “Yes I saved the dress … wasn’t sure why but now I know.”
/ May 25, 2021