Russell Simmons tweet-debates NRA's Colion Noir

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Music mogul Russell Simmons took to Twitter Thursday night and took on the National Rifle Association’s new “contributor,” Colion Noir, the self-described “urban gun enthusiast” and YouTube personality, who the gun industry lobby group hopes will bring more African-Americans into the fold.

It started with a tweet by Simmons of a blistering commentary he wrote for his website,, which made it clear that Simmons, and in his view, most African-Americans, won’t be following Noir into the arms of the NRA.

Noir, soon responded:

And the debate was on.

Lots of Twitterzens jumped in, on both Simmons’ side and Noir’s. In the end, Simmons chose peace, not war (well,¬†sort of …)

But apparently, he drew the wrath of some of Noir’s friends.

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