Charles Ramsey video game (Courtesy WKYC)

Cleveland hero Charles Ramsey is now featured in an online video game, according to WKYC.

The object of the game, “Charles Ramsey Burger Bash,” is to throw hamburgers at a character representing Ariel Castro.

Ramsey played a key role in freeing three kidnapped women.

He lived across the street from the house where Castro kept the women against their wills. The hero helped free one of the women, Amanda Berry, from the house after hearing her scream for help.

The women were all kidnapped in separate cases over 10 years ago.

The hero has been in the spotlight since helping in the rescue, and the video game, powered by nxTomo, A Next Mobile Production with Next Media Animation, is the latest in Ramsey news.

In the past few weeks, one man got Ramsey’s face tattooed on his leg and several restaurants have offered him free burgers for life.

WKYC reports there is some controversy over the new video game, saying some find it insensitive.

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