Denzel Washington’s top 10 box office hits

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For over three decades now Denzel Washington has been most of the most respected (and best paid) movie stars in Hollywood.

He has successfully volleyed between mainstream attractions and critical darlings, without sacrificing his talent, integrity or his fan base.

In fact, he is a rare breed of A-Lister — he has never made a sequel, starred as a comic book hero or anchored a film that’s grossed over $200 million.

Yet, he is considered to be one of the most consistent box office draws in the film business.

Surprisingly, some of his most acclaimed roles, in Malcolm X, The Hurricane and Training Day, for example, are not among his top-earning productions.

To commemorate the release of his highly anticipated summer action flick 2 Guns (opposite Mark Wahlberg), theGrio is counting down the top 10 Denzel film in terms of dollar bills. Check out the list — and prepare to be surprised.