Rush Limbaugh: I’m more like Martin Luther King Jr. than Barack Obama is

Despite being routinely condemned for racially insensitive comments, radio host Rush Limbaugh compared himself favorably to Martin Luther King Jr. on his radio show today.

While discussing the 50th anniversary of the historic March on Washington, which featured King’s celebrated “I Have a Dream” speech, Limbaugh said:

“I had a friend of mine send me some excerpts of Martin Luther King’s speech fifty years ago, and there are four of them there. He says, you know, Rush, when I read what King said, I’m reminded more of things you say than things Obama says.”

As Media Matters points out, these remarks come on the heels of a series of remarks over his 25 years in radio that have been deemed offensive and hateful towards the African-American community.

Just this summer alone, Limbaugh has argued that he should be allowed the use the n-word, that the NAACP is an “extremist” organization and said of slavery in America: “by no means was it anywhere near the worst.”

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