Marissa Alexander will have a new opportunity to seek justice after being sentenced to 20 years in prison for firing what she described as a warning shot at her abusive husband.

“She was ecstatic as we all were, and she was grateful to all of her supporters and she’s looking forward to seeing her family and her three children again soon,” Alexander’s attorney, Faith Gay, explained to Rev. Sharpton on PoliticsNation Thursday.

Rep. Corrine Brown, a Democrat who has become one of Alexander’s strongest supporters and also joined the show, called for the charges against Alexander to be dropped entirely.

“We’re very excited that she will get an opportunity for a new trial, but I am hoping that we can get a little mercy,” Brown said. “She has been in jail for three years. She has not spent any time with her baby, and keep in mind when this incident occurred, she–the baby–was eight-days old.”

“When it comes to Miss Alexander, I am hoping that the prosecutor and the community will come together and heal, and drop all charges so she can be home at Thanksgiving with her family,” she added later.

Her attorney echoed that sentiment, saying it is completely within the prosector’s discretion to drop the charges.

“I say ‘Amen’ to having no new trial anywhere,” Gay said to Rev. Sharpton. “I think she’s served enough, she’s been in jail for a long time, and as you point out, no one was hurt, she had a good record, she was an upstanding citizen. It should be over.”

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