Rap Genius: The top 5 rap lyrics of the week — Joe Budden proves everything old is new again

african kings

The airing of the BET Awards Show cyphers is one of the most anticipated events of the year for rap fans.  This year, the fires were stoked after an early clip of Kendrick Lamar dissing Drake made its way to the public.

K.  Dot’s entire verse was a forceful masterpiece (and got plenty of press attention), but there were tons of other highlights as well.  So today, we bring you the top five BET Cypher moments, non-Kendrick Lamar edition.

5.  “He’s just yapping, all that beef and scrapping/Like Miley Cyrus twerking: something supposed to be shaking, I just never see it happen” — Joe Budden, ‘Slaughterhouse Cypher’ lyrics