Rap Genius: The top 5 rap lyrics of the week — Joe Budden proves everything old is new again

RAP GENIUS - The airing of the BET Awards Show cyphers is one of the most anticipated events of the year for rap fans...

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

The airing of the BET Awards Show cyphers is one of the most anticipated events of the year for rap fans.  This year, the fires were stoked after an early clip of Kendrick Lamar dissing Drake made its way to the public.

K.  Dot’s entire verse was a forceful masterpiece (and got plenty of press attention), but there were tons of other highlights as well.  So today, we bring you the top five BET Cypher moments, non-Kendrick Lamar edition.

5.  “He’s just yapping, all that beef and scrapping/Like Miley Cyrus twerking: something supposed to be shaking, I just never see it happen” — Joe Budden, ‘Slaughterhouse Cypher’ lyrics

Miley Cyrus references in rap have been past the tipping point since Jay’s now-famous line on “Somewhereinamerica.”  But New Jersey’s finest proves that everything old is new again with this clever spin on Hannah Montana’s dancing problems.

4.  “Moonwalking, I’m just talking, and it’s really all light/Ten percent dis or I can give you 90 tonight” — Rapsody, ‘BET Cypher’ lyrics

There is no quicker way to our hearts than a Golden Age reference.  So Rapsody’s nod to MC Lyte’s classic 90s song “10% Dis,” which she helpfully broke down for us, made us extremely happy.

3.  “But look, I cleared out all y’all that got in the way/And y’all knew that I was ill, but now my doctor is Dre” — Jon Connor, ‘BET Cypher’ lyrics

The last couplet of a freestyle is the takeaway — it really needs to be memorable.  Jon Connor ensured this by choosing to announce his signing with Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Records in rhyme.  We couldn’t be prouder of Connor, who we have been supporters of for a while now.

2.  “Didn’t like my clothes so I took em off/Now look at me, cough cough/That mean I’m sick/I’m too legit to quit” — Chocolate Droppa, ‘Real Husbands of Hollywood Cypher’ lyrics

A quote doesn’t really do this justice.  “Chocolate Droppa” is the rap alter ego of comedian Kevin Hart, and his unhinged, intentionally terrible style is a sight to behold here.  We especially loved that he added Hammer’s hand motions while saying “too legit to quit.”

1.  “Peep Soul Brother number 2/The first one used to make beats for CL Smooth/Top got the S550, but the CL smooth/And rolling weed is the only time I see L’s move” — Ab-Soul, ‘TDE Cypher’ lyrics