Jim Brown on Kobe Bryant: 'He threw Shaq under the bus'

theGRIO REPORT - Retired football legend Jim Brown joined the Arsenio Hall Show last night to weigh in on topics from Kobe Bryant to President Barack Obama.

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Retired football legend Jim Brown appeared on the Arsenio Hall Show last night and weighed in on a variety of topics including Kobe Bryant and President Barack Obama.

Hall, the show’s host, asked the former Cleveland Browns running back to comment on different athletes of today. Hall first mentioned Kobe Bryant.

“He threw Shaq under the bus,” Brown said. “And he is somewhat confused about coaching because he was brought up in a different country, so it doesn’t quite fit what’s happening in America.”

“Unbelievable athlete,” the NFL legend said. Brown then went on to say if he had to call a summit of black athletes like he had to “talk to Muhammad Ali about his status with the armed forces,” he would not invite Bryant.

On the topic of bullying in the National Football League, Brown said, “I don’t know what’s going on with that situation. It’s strange to me.”

Brown said he doesn’t understand how a 300-and-something pound player could be bullied.


When Hall asked about President Obama, Brown said, “I think he underestimated the system of government that we have.”

Brown and his family campaigned for Obama in Ohio when he was running for president in 2008, but his views have changed.

“If I had to say, ‘Does he rate a ‘A’ or does he rate a ‘D,’ it would be very difficult. I would give him a C.”


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