Denise Vasi returns for VH1's 'Single Ladies' season 3

theGRIO REPORT - Plenty of surprises, scandals and sex are in store for the upcoming season of VH1's Single Ladies - and the show's Denise Vasi promises it's all well-worth watching.

Plenty of surprises, scandals and sex are in store for the upcoming season of VH1’s Single Ladies – and the show’s star Denise Vasi promises it’s all well worth watching.

Vasi, who plays boutique-owner Racquel Lancaster on the show, talked to theGrio’s Lilly Workneh about what fans will discover during the show’s third season.

As expected, there are new developments to explore, drama to be dished and love affairs to be had as the cast reunites and new additions are revealed, including singer LeToya Luckett and actor Laz Alonzo — who both appear in the first episode.

Vasi joined Single Ladies at the beginning of its second season, shortly after actress Stacey Dash’s widely publicized departure. However, despite any assumptions, Vasi did not take on Dash’s role and instead plays an entirely-new character who delivers just as much — if not more — spice and sizzle to the small-screen.

“When we pick up with [Raquel] in season 3, there’s another shift that we get to see that’s really exciting,” Vasi told theGrio. “This shift is going to be about her focusing on herself. Last season, we saw her going through a lot of men, there’s no way to go around it. She was with a lot of guys and she was experimenting with being single and having fun. And this season we pick up and we find her wanting more stability and wanting to really focus on her career.”

Prior to taking on her principal role on the highly-rated scripted series, Vasi was a regular character on the day-time soap opera All My Children. Now, she is making a name for herself in Hollywood and admires the work of black actresses like Kerry Washington.

“[Kerry’s] made an amazing opening for women of ethnicity in entertainment right now,” she said. “She has shown some of the other networks that we can have an ethnic woman be the center of this television show.”

Although she plays a single lady on TV, Vasi’s real-life relationship status is the complete opposite. The actress recently got married to her long-time boyfriend Anthony Mandler.

However, Vasi is able to put aside her real-life romance when it comes to mastering her on-screen role and she shared her personal secret on how she prepares for some of the show’s more hot and steamy bedroom scenes with theGrio.

Watch the video above to find out what it is.

Single Ladies season 3 premieres on VH1 on tonight at 9PM ET/PT.

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