Single and Living Fab: Jacque Reid on the myth of the ‘angry black woman’

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If you are a black woman, chances are you have been labeled as being an angry person.

There is actually a name for it: Angry Black Woman Syndrome. The topic is nothing new, but it continues to make headlines… most recently when our first lady Michelle Obama was captured in a photo while her husband was taking a selfie with some dignitaries.  Several media outlets were quick to suggest that Mrs. Obama was upset about the president’s actions at that moment.

It is amazing that those assumptions about what she was thinking actually made news!  I decided to take a closer look in a three part video at why the world, including black men, are so quick to label black women as angry, and how that labeling impacts our relationships and our careers.

View part one above, and stay tuned for the next video in this series. Check out more on similar issues relating black women living well on my site,

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