Dear DMX: Don’t fight George Zimmerman

OPINION - X, I know there are no papers signed, but on behalf of millions of people, I’m asking that you completely withdraw from fighting George Zimmerman in this proposed 'celebrity boxing' match...

Dear DMX,

People are still sad and angry over Trayvon Benjamin Martin.

But you know this. Yesterday – February 5th – would have been Trayvon Martin’s 19th birthday had he not been cut down by a bullet fired by George Zimmerman.

X, I know there are no papers signed, but on behalf of millions of people, I’m asking that you completely withdraw from fighting George Zimmerman in this proposed “celebrity boxing” match.

I’m not here to judge. I don’t know your financial status. I don’t know your reasoning for considering this “fight.” In fact, all I know is you are still mad as hell that George Zimmerman killed Trayvon – like most in our community. According to reports, you want to “beat the living s**t” out of Zimmerman. Understandable.

theGRIO OPINION: No one should watch DMX fight George Zimmerman

To keep this simple and plain, here is a list of 10 reasons why you should not get in the ring with George Zimmerman.

1) Zimmerman is clearly making a play at being a celebrity villain, deeming this a celebrity boxing match. There is only one celebrity, and that’s you.

2) We don’t yet know how Trayvon Martin’s family feels about this. If they don’t approve, we don’t approve.

3) Don’t give Zimmerman a shot at opulence and prosperity. You could unwittingly be helping his career. Let him remain a pariah and allow his legacy to disintegrate into dust.

4) Don’t be party to this sick clown’s media circus.

5) Zimmerman picked you. He could have fought The Game and didn’t want any part of your Compton brother. He tried to get Kanye West, who he definitely thinks he can beat and who would likely garner more attention. He wants to fight you, because he sees you as somebody that he can beat. At least, you are somebody that won’t make him look bad.

6) Zimmerman is trained in mixed martial arts. He looks portly and out of shape, but please believe he’s got some skill sets that trump street fighting.

7) This is deeper than hip-hop, but this “celebrity boxing” event makes a mockery of our culture, too.

8) Your first record was “Born Loser” and this could solidify that notion, effectively ending your career. You don’t want to lose to this guy of all people. You’ll be representing for almost all black people.

9) You should focus on the music you still have to create, not on this degenerate man that wants to use you for his own ends.

10) DMX, I have interviewed you on numerous occasions through the years, since the dawn of my professional career. I’ve watch you command thousands of fans like a military general, as they hung on to your every word. Lovingly I say, you are better than this and trouncing Zimmerman could become a career killer.

The last reason is not to fight George Zimmerman, is simply you simply should not fight him.

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So, what if you beat up Zimmerman?

What changes? Nothing. Trayvon does not get justice. Zimmerman makes money. You make money. Some faux charity makes a couple of faux bucks.

At the end of the day, nothing changes with this bout. We just get a brief, pointless media high seeing the bad guy take a frivolous loss. If he wins, then we all collectively have to watch this guy and his smug face guffaw about how he claimed victory once again over one of our warriors. This reeks of Django Unchained, where the enslaved engage in “Mandingo fighting,” a disgusting, dehumanizing form of gladiator entertainment. Earl Simmons, you have bigger victories to claim, in life and entertainment. You know that.

But, here’s what you do, X, should you decide to continue with the fight.

Walk in the ring.

Ahh..better yet, just don’t show up. We all want justice, but there are a myriad of better ways to honor the life of Trayvon Benjamin Martin.

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