Karyn Washington remembered: Heartfelt video honors life of 'For Brown Girls' founder

theGRIO REPORT - While the news of Karyn Washington's passing has shattered the hearts of many, some have used this time to celebrate the endless contributions she made to young black girls.

Fans and friends of Karyn Washington — the dynamic founder of the uplifting blog For Brown Girls — were devastated last week after news broke of Washington’s passing.

Washington, 22, died from an apparent suicide Tuesday after it was reported that she struggled with depression following the recent death of her mother.

Over the years, Washington inspired others through her admirable activism and her journey to encourage all women to embrace their beauty and exude confidence. She created the blog to pursue this very mission and in doing so, proved that she was an outstanding woman of class, poise and wisdom.

The news of Washington’s passing has shattered the hearts of many – meanwhile, some have used this time not to judge Washington for her actions but to celebrate the endless contributions she made to young black girls.

In doing so, close friend and jewelry designer Yumanah Najah created a heartfelt video as a way to help others cope with Washington’s passing and to honor the legacy she left behind.

While Washington’s death certainly sheds light on the issue of mental health and depression in the black community, it also highlights the importance of compassion, friendship and support – all of which Washington provided for hundreds of women.

“[Karyn] had so much love and light and she loved herself because she knew that she was created beautiful and she had tapped into that understanding that no matter what anybody else said about her, no matter who validated her beauty or who didn’t, she knew she was beautiful because of her soul,” Najah said.

“She taught me what beauty is really all about and I am always going to be grateful.”

Watch the video above and share Najah’s message in effort to honor Washington and the life she lived.

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