Kim Kardashian discovers racism because of her baby North

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Kim Kardashian took to her personal blog Wednesday to let everyone know she “never really gave racism or discrimination a lot of thought,” but since becoming a mother, she realizes they still exist.

The reality TV star is engaged to rapper Kanye West. The couple had their first child, a daughter named North, in June 2013.

After saying how much being a mom has changed her outlook on life, the 33-year-old wrote:

To be honest, before I had North, I never really gave racism or discrimination a lot of thought. It is obviously a topic that Kanye is passionate about, but I guess it was easier for me to believe that it was someone else’s battle. But recently, I’ve read and personally experienced some incidents that have sickened me and made me take notice. I realize that racism and discrimination are still alive, and just as hateful and deadly as they ever have been.

Kardashian continues, saying she feels responsible to make sure kids today are not judged by the color of their skin, gender or sexual orientation.

“So the first step I’m taking is to stop pretending like this isn’t my issue or my problem, because it is, it’s everyone’s.”

There’s no word on what sparked the post, and Kardashian also took to her Twitter account Wednesday to straighten out some rumors surrounding her upcoming wedding to West, telling followers that “unless you hear it from us please don’t believe nonsense!”

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