Snoop Dogg threatens Iggy Azalea on Instagram in the midst of vicious feud

theGRIO REPORT - Rapper Snoop Dogg is as war with female MC Iggy Azalea. The feud has escalated and turned downright vicious...

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Rap legend Snoop Dogg is at war with hip hop newcomer Iggy Azalea.

It isn’t exactly clear why the pair are feuding, but Snoop may have kicked things off Sunday night on Instagram.

He posted a photo of an albino woman and compared her looks to Iggy Azalea without make-up.

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Snoop’s IG post could have been a response to a picture ET Online published last week of the Australian rapper sans makeup.

Iggy responded to Snoop’s unflattering post, tweeting, “Why would you post such a mean pic on insta?…”I’m disappointed you’d be such an ass for no reason.”

“Everytime I’ve ever spoken to you you’ve always been nice as hell, I’m disappointed you’d be such an ass for no reason,” another Twitter post said.

This week Snoop has flat out bullied Iggy via his Insagram feed, comparing her to Marlon Wayans’ character in White Chicks, and repeatedly calling her a “bit**.”

Ok last one n Imma leave the bitch alone!! Hahahahahah So says Todd

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Snoop also posted a photo of Nicki Minaj, declaring her the only relevant female rapper in the game right now, further fueling the rumored feud between Nicki and Iggy.

Iggy later fired back at Snoop, tweeting, “If I’m a (b-word) for asking why you are supportive to my face but another way on your Instagram then so be it,” one tweet said.

“Post away about this ‘(b-word)’ I’ve seen all the memes the world has to offer in regards to me i honestly don’t care,” she said.

The “Fancy” rapper retweeted several messages of support from her fans, followed by her stating that she is going to be the bigger person in this situation.

“Ima be the bigger man in this situation and leave it be,” she tweeted.

Snoop Dogg’s most recent Instagram video directed towards Iggy Azaleas is too vulgar to post. In it, the “Gin & Juice” rapper threatens Iggy, telling her he will “check her” if someone in her crew doesn’t “check her” first.

“Say bi**h. You f***in with the wrong ni**a, and your ni**a better check you before I do. You funky bi**h… yeah you… you fu**ing c**t,” Snoop said.

So what do you think? Who’s wrong in this situation? Do you think Snoop Dogg owes Iggy Azalea an apology? Sound off in the comment section below.

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