2 sisters, toddlers, drown near Florida home

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It is every parent’s worst nightmare.

Louidline, 4, and Louidjiena Louima, 2, were found in the canal behind their Florida home Tuesday unresponsive.

The girls’ father, Louigens Louima, called local police in Margate Tuesday afternoon after he could not find his daughters. He had searched several minutes before ultimately calling police.

Police arrived on the scene and began searching the canal bank near the house. They found and pulled out the 2-year-old, and a Margate Fire Rescue diver pulled out the 4-year-old.

Paramedics rushed the girls to Northwest Medical Center, but they were both pronounced dead.

A community service aide came to the home of a neighbor, Serge Hunter, 45 to check the canal behind his house. Hunter recalled that, shortly after the aide came, he heard “a heartbreaking scream” from the Louima house.

According to the Sun Sentinel report, the exact circumstances surrounding the girls’ death is still under investigation.