Sean Kory attacks 'Fox News reporter' on Halloween, looks like Jeremy Meeks

theGRIO REPORT - Sean Kory took his hate for Fox News a little too far on Halloween. The 29-year-old's mugshot is being compared to Jeremy Meeks...

Sean Kory took his hate for Fox News a little too far this Halloween.

The 29-year-old saw someone dressed up as a reporter from the cable channel and allegedly assaulted him.

“I hate Fox News,” Kory allegedly said before grabbing the victim’s “microphone.” Santa Cruz police say Kory then took the victim’s microphone and “proceeded to rub it on his crotch.”

Kory didn’t stop there.

He also allegedly attacked the victim with an aluminum tennis racket before fleeing police. The incident took place during Santa Cruz’s annual Halloween parade, according to KSBW-TV.

Some on social media have compared Kory’s mugshot to another Cali criminal — Jeremy Meeks. Meeks caused quite the buzz back in June when Stockton Police posted his mugshot on the department’s Facebook page.

Social media dubbed him “prison bae.”

Meeks was arrested for felony weapons possession. Despite his lengthy criminal past, Meeks became known as “prison bae” to admiring online fans.

There were even rumors of agencies offering Meeks modeling contracts.

According to a KSBW report, the victim was uninjured following the alleged assault. Watch a report on the Santa Cruz Halloween parade below: