Ginuwine reveals he's flat broke, owes IRS $300,000

theGRIO REPORT - R&B singer Ginuwine is genuinely flat broke, with $300,000 in debt, and on the verge of filing bankruptcy...

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R&B singer Ginuwine is genuinely flat broke. So much so, he’s on the verge of filing for bankruptcy.

The New York Daily News reports that his lawyer, Bruce Beckner, revealed the news of Ginuwine’s dire financial state  duringa pre-trail hearing,  pitting him against Robert Reives, executive producer of his hit debut album, The Bachelor.

Ginuwine — whose real name is Elgin Baylor Lumpkin — has fallen on hard times after a recent divorce from rapper Solé.

“Mr. Lumpkin is very close to declaring bankruptcy,” Ginuwine’s lawyer, Bruce Beckner, said. “He owes my firm a ton of money and a bunch of other people a ton of money. He owes Uncle Sam 300-odd thousand dollars in back income taxes.”

Reives claims he is owed royalties from a $1.25 million five-album deal Ginuwine signed with Sony and seeks $250,000.

The “Pony” singer argues that Reives’ claim “falls outside the statute of limitations, and that he isn’t owed anything.”

Ginuwine and Reives began arguing their case in Manhattan Federal Court today.

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