Officer won't face charges for punching handcuffed woman

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Seattle, WA  — A King County prosecutor announced that a Seattle police officer who punched a handcuffed woman will not be criminally charged.

However, the prosecutor also acknowledged that the officer’s actions might not be in keeping with the policies of the Seattle Police Department.

On June 22nd, Officer Adley Shepard responded to a call of domestic violence at a Seattle home. Miyekko Durden-Bosley was involved in the dispute and was handcuffed and placed into the backseat of the police vehicle. According to the Shepard, Bosley kicked him which prompted him to respond with a punch to her face. The blow broke her eye socket. The incident was caught on police video.


Shepard’s attorney, Eric Makus, believes the officer did exactly what he needed to do to arrest a “combative, resistant, and violent” suspect. “She assaulted a police officer. And he used appropriate lawful force to subdue the situation,” Makus said.

The Washington State Patrol held an investigation and determined that Shepard’s actions were not in keeping with training and policy, but the country prosecutor said there wasn’t enough evidence to prove his punch was unreasonable.

While Shepard’s attorney says the officer is “pleased to be exonerated,” Bosley’s attorney says they are “exploring alternative avenues to attempt to secure justice for what they call a brutal assault.”

Shepard is expected to resume his full duties as a Seattle police officer.