Volunteer girls basketball coach accused of sexually abusing player

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According to authorities, a volunteer middle school basketball coach has been charged with having inappropriate contact with one of her players during a team sleepover.

The abuse reportedly happened on February 20, when Shakyla Wilson, 22, of Naperville, Illinois, accompanied some of the girls from the Hill Middle School basketball team to a movie and then went to a player’s residence for a slumber party.

Wilson, also known as Kiki, played basketball on two high schools’ state championship teams before joining the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee team for a year. She then transferred to St Joseph’s College, where she played basketball for two years.

She began volunteering at her old middle school in an unpaid, unofficial capacity at the end of January. According to Indian Prairie School District Superintendent Karen Sullivan, the district immediately notified police when officials became aware of the allegations and told Wilson she could not be on school property.

Sullivan said in a statement on the district’s website:

We want to stress that the district takes these charges very seriously. As this is now a matter for law enforcement officials to handle, we encourage anyone who may have pertinent information regarding this investigation to contact the Naperville Police Department.

We are providing support in the school for any student who may need to discuss this issue. If your student wishes to talk with someone at school, please direct him or her to speak with their social worker or guidance counselor.

State’s Attorney Robert Berlin said that the allegations against Wilson are appalling.

A coach’s role is to motivate and inspire athletes to be the best they can be, both on the court and off it. Coaches are there to help athletes attain their goals, not to take advantage of the trust their position holds just to satisfy their own sickening desires.

Wilson was charged with one count of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, and on Friday, her bail was set at $100,000. She is due in court on March 24.