Rihanna breaks down the impact of her 42 million Twitter followers, the 'Rihanna Navy'

VIDEO - Rihanna talks about her first animated feature film, 'Home,' and opens up about the impact of her 42 million followers on Twitter...

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Rihanna is making her animated film debut in DreamWorks’ new feature, Home.

The pop princess stars alongside Jim Parsons and Steve Martin as a resourceful teenage girl, Tip.

The film’s plot revolves around a lovable alien on the run from his own people, who lands on Earth and makes friends with Tip, who is on a quest of her own.

In an interview with theGrio, Rihanna and her co-stars weighed in on the impact of the Rihanna’s massive 42 million strong Twitter following.

Rihanna, who’s among Twitter’s top 10 most-followed members, has a strong, loyal fan base who call themselves the “Rihanna Navy.”

“They’re pretty crazy. It’s just the name my fan base pretty much gave themselves,” Rihanna said of her navy.  

“I think whatever I do I hope my fans love. I always try to keep them in mind, but this was especially for my younger fans,” she added. “I was excited about doing something that they could really enjoy and feel like they could be a part of, because some of them don’t even get to come to my show. This for sure is something that they can be excited about. This is theirs… but all of my fans want to see this movie. They’re so excited about the animation.”

“I try to appeal to my younger fans, but they’re in their 50’s,” Martin later joked.

Rihanna’s character, Tip, drives a space-age automobile throughout much of “Home.” Parsons, Martin and Rihanna later shared their craziest real-life experiences behind the wheel.

Home hits theaters nationwide Friday.

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