Autistic Middle Schooler Robots
Houston middle school student Julian Gibson. (Images via CW39 video)

Julian Gibson has always been up for a challenge, so the robot competition he and his middle school classmates entered was just another hurdle for him.

After all, he had already jumped many more hurdles before that after being diagnosed with autism at age 4.

“This is kinda like a miracle for us,” Deante Gibson, Julian’s father, told Houston’s CW39. “When we were diagnosed, at 4 years old, the doctor told us that he would not be able to pursue higher education, wouldn`t be able to play sports.”

Now, Julian has had his first season on the football team and is taking a robotics course that uses computer-programmed LEGOs in its obstacle courses.

Watch the Julian Gibson’s inspirational story below:

One of Julian’s favorite teachers, Djuana Bossette shares, “I took him with me, brought him to the room, took out a set of Legos and he said ‘ooh fun’ and we`ve been doing it ever since.”

Bosette believes that programs like the robotics class can help those like Julian.

“They use robotics … he can go anywhere he want to,” Bossette explains.

In the meantime, Julian continues to grow, and he wants to be “James Harden” when he grows up. Time will tell what the future holds for him, but because of supportive parents, kind teachers and good programs, Julian will be prepared to handle the next challenge life throws at him.