Rogue ex-drug officer admits he planted evidence, stole cash during 20-year career

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A rogue ex-police officer testifying against drug squad colleagues in a federal corruption trial in Philadelphia admits he committed “thousands” of crimes during his career.

Former city officer Jeffrey Walker says his squad routinely lied in court after planting drugs in suspects’ cars or stealing their bundles of cash.

Walker acknowledged Wednesday that his lies led to any number of unjust convictions. He says he didn’t consider the victims “human” because they were drug dealers.

At least 160 convictions have been overturned and scores of civil-rights lawsuits filed since Walker’s 2013 plea.

He says his undercover unit targeted white, college-type dealers because they were easily intimidated.

The 46-year-old Walker is trying to avoid a life sentence with his testimony against six former colleagues.

Defense lawyers call him a lying outcast.

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