Philadelphia Police

Rickia Young Philadelphia
The young mother who was pulled from her car by Philadelphia police and beaten has reached a $2M settlement with
/ September 14, 2021
Crime scene
Three former Philadelphia police officers, Frank Jastrzembski, Manuel Santiago and Martin Devlin, have been arrested and charged for perjury after
/ August 24, 2021
Rickia Young Philadelphia
An innocent young mother finally speaks out after being beaten by police. Rickia Young made a wrong turn in Philadelphia
/ December 3, 2020
A Philadelphia police investigation of an alleged plot to attack the Philadelphia Convention Center, where ballots are being counted in
/ November 5, 2020
The Philadelphia Police Department has released the 911 calls and bodycam footage showing the fatal encounter with 27-year-old Walter Wallace
/ November 4, 2020
The Philadelphia Police Department has announced that it will release the body camera footage of the fatal shooting of Walter
/ October 29, 2020
The mother of Walter Wallace Jr. told Philadelphia news outlets she pleaded with police officers not to shoot her son. 
/ October 28, 2020