Florida taser death ruled as homicide by electrocution

After three months of speculation, the death of Calvon Reid has now been ruled a homicide.

Friday, Broward County medical examiner’s office records confirmed Reid’s death was the result of being stunned by Tasers multiple times by Coconut Creek police officers.

“It shows they used excessive force and electrocuted him to death with their Tasers,” attorney Jarrett Blakeley said. “It proves they violated his constitutional rights and his family wants justice.”

On February 22nd, residents of the Wynmoor retirement community called the police at about 1 a.m stating that Reid needed medical assistance for unknown injuries. When police arrived on the scene, Reid refused treatment. Eyewitnesses say that’s when the officers stunned him with Tasers multiple times in the chest to subdue him.

John Arendale said he believed police used undue force on Reid, whom he and other witnesses said cried out, “They are going to kill me,” and, “I can’t breathe.”

Watch a full report on Calvon Reid’s death below:

“I believe a man died here unnecessarily,” Arendale told Local 10 News in March.

Initially, police released no information about the death. Yet, it was later discovered that three of the four officers involved had allowed their Taser certification to lapse. Shortly thereafter, Police Chief Michael Mann “retired” from the force amidst the public backlash.

Reid tested positive for cocaine and alcohol, which may explain the erratic behavior police allege he exhibited the morning they were called to the scene.

According to Local 10:

In the Reid case, the medical examiner’s office ruled the primary cause of death was the Taser use by police, or “complications of an electro-muscular disruption device.” Cocaine use, alcohol intoxication and an enlarged heart were listed as “other significant conditions contributing to the death, but not resulting in the underlying cause” of death.

Reid’s father, Calvin Reid, says his son’s drug issues are being used to distract people from what really happened.

“They are doing anything they can to discredit Calvon,” he said. “They are doing everything they can to cover their tail. I don’t think they’ll be successful. I feel like they murdered my son.”

The homicide case is currently being investigated by the state attorney’s office.