Steph Curry's daughter Riley steals his shine during post-game press conference

theGRIO REPORT - Warning: Too much cuteness. Steph Curry was joined by his adorable daughter Riley, during his post-game press conference Tuesday night...

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

Warning: Too much cuteness.

Steph Curry was joined by his adorable daughter, Riley, during his post-game press conference Tuesday night.

Curry and the Golden State Warriors beat the Houston Rockets 110-106, securing game one of the Western Conference Finals.

However, today, most of the internet is buzzing about Riley, who you may recognize from her cameo appearance in her parents’ previous viral video — Chef Curry with the Pot.

Riley showed us who really runs the Curry household when she accompanied her dad on the podium, even telling him to “be quiet” at one point.

She also waved to her fans — I mean reporters.

When she got tired of sitting on her father’s lap, Riley did what most two-year-olds do and crawled under the table. She may have lost her headband during the adventure, but it made for some incredibly cute photos.

Watch a full compilation of the Currys’ post-game interview below: