Segregation in color: Teen brings poignant black and white photos to life in technicolor 

african kings

A student from Rhode Island has painstakingly transformed iconic black and white photographs from the 20th century into modern day works of art.

Jared Enos is an 18-year-old artist who, from the comfort of his bedroom, breathes new life into snapshots from our recent past.

In his bio, he says, “My goal is to create a more tangible connection with the past through the colorization of historical photos,” and one can’t help but look at his portraits and feel that very connection he speaks of.

From a young man drinking at a “colored” fountain in Oklahoma to U.S soldiers huddled by a tank during World War II, Enos has found a way to make what’s usually found in dusty history history books, visually compelling  and therefore more accessible to his generation.

This is no small feat, considering the teen didn’t have much of an interest in art prior to starting this project.

Check out some stunning samples from his collection below.