Minority neighborhoods where residents were long denied home loans have twice as many oil and gas wells as mostly white

/ April 21, 2022

Mississippi may replace its segregation-tainted state song with as many as three different tunes to represent it, depending on which

/ March 28, 2022

A five-acre plot of land along the Chesapeake Bay will soon be turned into a water access park where people

/ March 18, 2022
Ruby Bridges

February is the month that marks the celebration of the Black experience, a time to reflect on the past and

/ February 2, 2022

A new study has confirmed that landlords across the United States are less likely to respond to rental applicants who

/ November 30, 2021
Bill Maher

Broadcast personality Bill Maher decried the NFL’s new practice of playing the Black National Anthem as well as the Star-Spangled

/ September 25, 2021

A famed unit of Black military history was honored on Friday in what many felt was a tribute long overdue.

/ September 12, 2021