Wesley Snipes says he's been in talks with Marvel about another 'Blade' film

theGRIO REPORT - Wesley Snipes might be reviving his role as vampire-slaying superhero Blade in upcoming projects.

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Wesley Snipes may be reviving his role as vampire-slaying superhero Blade in upcoming projects.

The 52-year-old actor talk to Yahoo at San Diego Comic Con Thursday about the possibly teaming up with Marvel to bring the character back

“Our conversations with Marvel have pretty good, they’ve been productive,” Snipes told Yahoo. “We talked about Blade, we talked about a couple of other things. They have their model and their agenda, and we have ours, so we’ll see if everything lines up.”

Snipes’ Blade was the first truly successful superhero movie, back before the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the rule of the Avengers. In 1998, it hit the box office with a smash and earned $131 million worldwide, though its two sequels were so horrendous that Snipes later sued the director and distributor of the third film.

But since the Marvel universe has reacquired the rights to the character of Blade, there is a real chance Snipes could return to the screen. He might bring Blade back to the big screen, in one of the many movies Marvel has planned in its impressive spread of superhero hits, or he might come to the small screen, debuting in a show like the well-received Dardevil series on Netflix.

However he joins the Marvel Universe, though, one thing’s for sure: Snipes (and the rest of us) would love to see Blade join the cultural explosion that is Marvel’s current success story.