Former Bush speechwriter David Frum tweets theory that Serena Williams is taking steroids, deletes tweets

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David Frum, a former speechwriter for George W. Bush, suggested Sunday that Serena Williams may be on steroids and the media is flat out ignoring it.

Frum delivered his ‘theory’ in a series of tweets he then promptly deleted.

Frum, who is now the senior editor at The Atlantic, said his tweets were actually a “private Twitter conversation with a friend,” and not meant for “public domain.”

Below are tweets, screen captured by Raw Story:


Frum later added that he stands behind the tweets and deleting them was not some sort of cover-up.

He first began tweeting about Williams in response to a New York Times article about the tennis champion’s physique.

When Williams earned her sixth Wimbledon title on Saturday, Frum’s ‘private tweets’ appeared online.

The backlash to Frum’s ‘theory’ was swift: