Brandy sings in disguise on New York subway, gets no love

No love for Brandy.

The singer disguised herself on a New York subway this week and attempted to entertain riders. Few noticed. Only one man commented.

It takes a lot to impress New Yorkers, apparently.

In a blog post entitled, “Can a Sistah Get One Fan?”, Brandy writes:

Recently, Frank Silent and I took a little subway ride after I’d left the gym,” she said on Monday in the blog post detailing her NYC adventure. “Frank, his camera, and I always equal a good time. I decided to hit the subway and sing my little heart out. You’ve (sic) fun-filled morning left me asking: Can a Sistah get ONE fan?!

Brandy performed “Home,” a song from the 1975 Broadway musical “The Wiz.” Brandy has made no secret her desire star as “Dorothy” in the upcoming Broadway revival of “The Wiz.”

After she finished her subway ‘performance,’ the singer was a little surprised there was almost no reaction.

“What ya’ll thought of that?” she asked. “Ya’ll think that was cool?”

“Hello?” she called out again, to no response. “Nobody heard me singing? Nobody cares? Ok.”

Then, she joked, “People in New York are so rude, like, oh my god. Like, I just sang from the heart.”

Turning to the camera, she took off her sunglasses and pretended to cry. “Nobody on the train responded. I feel very emotional right now,” she said.

All in good fun.

One subway rider tried to offer her some advice and encouragement, though.

“Don’t be scared. You got talent man, go for it,” he encouraged her. “We’ve seen this a million times. You’ve gotta do something different.”

So, yes. Brandy – you get one fan.